Below is a case study for the Dyson Air Purifier. Exploring themes of user experience, design trends, engineering through strategic story telling and visuals.
The first shot introduces the purifier, an introductory shot that makes the products movement life like turning its head to face the viewer. The lower images rotate the product and the mesh is lifted and the camera enters the internals of the design.
This shot transitions to a derelict warehouse where the Dyson is still providing clean air, the plants symbolise the Dyson similar ability to provide clean air.
The camera then cuts to sweeping through a London bus. Pollution all around outside, the camera rotates and reveals that the standing passenger is in the shape of the Dyson fan.
This allows a frame matched transition to the dyson fan in a glass room in an a warehouse. The camera slowly pans out contrasting the previous polluted city shot with the minimal and clean glass room..
This shot introduces a factory full of products, all rotating in unison. More of an artistic and cinematic visual piece reminding the viewer of the manufacturing element.
This shot introduces multiple purifiers spinning on a suspended carousel, the pollution in the middle of the ring being eradicated by the product.
The previous spinning carousel gives a frame matched transition to an inverted colosseum filled with different rooms, each one holding a different story. The camera pans down as the whole colosseum is spinning, symbolising the motor in the product.
The camera flys through the middle of the fan and turns around to reveal a cosy room, one of many in the colosseum. The door slowly closes shutting out the pollution and the Dyson gets to work.
The ending shot ties together the narrative of the animation: Leaving the pollution in the past.
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